Office for Hajj mission established in Saudi Arabia

Members of the Hajj mission. (photo/Twitter)

The Hajj mission’s office to observe and aid Maldivians traveling to Saudi Arabia in this years’ holy pilgrimage has been established and its operations have commenced. The missions’ main purpose would be to monitor and provide assistance for all Maldivians traveling to Saudi Arabia to perform the holy pilgrimage. Saudi Arabia has allocated 2000 quotas for Maldivians in this year’s holy pilgrimage.

The first group of Maldivians for the pilgrimage will depart for Saudi Arabia tomorrow while the last group will depart August 5. Speaking at a news conference to provide information regarding this years’ holy pilgrimage, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Islamic Affairs Mr. Shafiu Ali stated that officials from the Maldivian Hajj mission will greet the Maldivians traveling to Saudi Arabia at Jeddah airport.

“The participants will be welcomed at the airport by officials from the mission and will work with Hajj companies to assist in easing and carrying things out smoothly. There will also be a survey carried out regarding operations of this year’s pilgrimage.” Mr. Shafiu stated.