Fisherman catches rare 30-kilo ruby snapper off the coast of Gemanafushi

Fisherman Ahmed Manik (Amo) holds the rare 30-kilo ruby snapper he caught off the coast of G. A. Gemanafushi. (Photo/Dhivehi Masverin)

A fisherman has caught a rare 30-kilo ruby snapper while fishing off the coast of G. A. Gemanafushi.

Ahmed Manik (Amo) from Gemanafushi had made the catch last week while out fishing for reef fish.

A photo of him holding the giant ruby snapper has been shared on Dhivehi Masverin NGO’s social media pages.

Ahmed Shafiu from Dhivehi Masverin NGO reports it’s the first time for a reef fish of the size to be caught off the coast of Gemanafushi.

“The fish usually weigh 10 or 12 kilos,” said Shafiu.

The giant ruby snapper which Amo caught last week was portioned off and consumed; most likely by at least a dozen people given its size.