Justice Didi sent summons for questioning by JSC

Supreme Court Justice Abdulla Didi presents himself to the Judicial Service Commission on June 17, 2019. (Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Justice Abdulla Didi has been sent summons for questioning by Judicial Service Commission for its investigation into the allegations against him.

The summons, served this Wednesday, instructs Didi to present himself for questioning at 10 am on Thursday.

JSC has announced the questioning will be held at the Rannabandeyri Maalam of Dharubaaru, and will be open to public.

JSC made the decision to open the inquiry to the public at Didi’s request.

JSC confirmed last Tuesday that total five cases have been lodged against Didi with the commission. It includes a USD 1 million bribery allegation made against Didi by Speaker of Parliament, President Mohamed Nasheed; and the decision by Didi to defy his suspension and report to work.

The decision to suspend Didi has led to a battle between JSC and the Supreme Court, and the Parliament and the Supreme Court.

Didi, following JSC’s decision to suspend him, filed a petition with the Supreme Court citing a procedural violation. The Supreme Court issued a stay order instructing JSC and other State agencies to refrain from executing the suspension until the court issues a decision regarding the petition.

JSC refused to accept the stay order and has accused the Supreme Court of judicial overreach.

The Supreme Court, on Monday, issued a ruling declaring any decision by any state institution against its stay order as invalid.

The Parliament, last Tuesday, passed a report by the Judicial Committee regarding the issue, which declared the Supreme Court’s ruling as unconstitutional.

The Parliament also ascertained the legality of JSC’s decision to suspend Didi, and urged Supreme Court not to interfere in the work of other State institutions.