Political appointees allowed 6-month paid maternity leave

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih pictured during a Cabinet meeting on June 12, 2019. (Photo/President's Office)

The policy for political appointees has been amended to award them six months of paid maternity leave as is now awarded to civil servants.

The amendment to Policy for Political Appointees by the President was published on the Government Gazette last Thursday.

The amendment reads that the six-month paid maternity leave will be applicable to political appointees who give birth at or after 27 weeks. The six-month period is inclusive of weekends and public holidays.

If the person gives birth at 16-27 weeks or after 27 weeks but the child fails to survive, the person will be granted 60 days of paid leave beginning from the day of birth.

If the person miscarries at less than 16 weeks, the person will be allowed 10 days of paid leave.

The amended policy also reads that if a political appointee should be unable to attend work due to impending delivery date or illness, she may be granted a separate leave of up to 30 days.

The amendment also allows 30 days of paid paternity leave applicable from the date of birth. An additional leave of up to 27 days (inclusive of weekends and public holidays) will also be allowed from after the 30-day paid paternity leave at any point until the child reaches seven months of age.

Male political appointees will also be allowed a five-day leave inclusive of weekends and public holidays when his child is circumcised.

Granting six months of paid maternity leave to civil servants was one of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s electoral pledges. Many State companies and independent institutions have adopted the policy since it was implemented on March 7.