Hood: Jabir has not been dismissed from his position as Special Envoy

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih handing over letter of appointment to Abdulla Jabir as President's special envoy. (Photo/Presidents Office)

Spokesperson of President’s Office Ibrahim Hood has stated that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has not made any decision regarding the dismissal of Abdulla Jabir from his position as the President's special envoy.

While answering questions regarding the rumors of removing Jabir from his position as the special envoy to the President, Hood stated that the President has not decided to remove Abdulla Jabir from his position and that he is still the special envoy to President Solih.

However, according to the constitution of Maldives, a member of parliament cannot fill another official post of the government, hence with the inauguration of the 19th Parliament members Jabir would lose his position as the special envoy.

Rumors of Jabir dismissal gathered fuled following President’s Office rebuke of a statement made by Jabir regarding the Minicoy Islands (Maliku).

During an interview with PSM, Jabir stated that “We need to find the reason why Maliku went from being an island of Maldives to being an island under India. I will debate in the Parliament to make Maliku a part of our nation again.”

Following Jabir's comment, Hood issued a short statement distancing the Maldivian administration from Jabir. He said the comment was Jabir's personal view, and did not reflect on the official stance of the Maldivian administration.