Police: We will fully disclose MMPRC embezzlement case

Commissioner of Police in an interview with Sun. (Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed (MC Hameed) stated that the MMPRC embezzlement case is being investigated thoroughly with great importance and that they will fully disclose the case. 

High Profile individuals such as the Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof of the on going government is under accusation regarding the embezzlement case, and three were asked to stay home until the investigations are over.

Speaking in a special interview of "Sun", the Commissioner said that the MMPRC case hold great interest to the public. 

"This is a case that put huge accusations on high profile individuals of the government. So it is important to find out whether they are to be held accountable or not and find the truth," said Mohamed Hameed.

Commissioner Hameed said that the Police would do a through investigation to find the truth about the case. 

He also said that the Police received the ACC report regarding the MMPRC case a day before it was publicized. He said that the police are now working on investigating the information on the report which are related to the Police mandate.

When questioned regarding the talks going about the Police having a list of Five Hundred names involved in the MMPRC money laundering, the Commissioner said that they can not disclose that they have a list with the  exact number of names and that they are compiling the information they have gained from the investigations to find all those that were involved in the money laundering.

"We are compiling the information we have gathered from the ACC report, investigations of those accused and the police resources," said the Commissioner.

Commissioner of Police in an interview with Sun. (Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Mohamed Hameed said that the case filed against the former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom was filed to the Police during his presidency by the Financial Unit of the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA).

He said that ACC started the investigations of the case in year 2015 and were done by 2017. He also said that ACC not filing the case to the courts is not a concern related to the Police. 

"We are investigating the cases that are being filed to the Police. We will file the cases to the courts in the order we finish the investigations," said the Commissioner. 

It can be seen from the ACC report that most of the money from the MMPRC embezzlement were transferred to the SOF accounts. Only 12 Million Dollars from the 77.4 Million which should be deposited to the MMPRC accounts as the rent of islands and lagoons of Maldives were deposited to MMPRC according to the bank statements.