President to take part in Zero Plastic Run

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih smiles as he takes part in the TfG marathon, Coca-Cola runinlaamu 2019, at L. Gan on January 26, 2019. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is scheduled to participate in the Zero Plastic Run - a marathon designed to raise awareness on the negative environmental impact of plastics, and promote a complete cease in single-use plastics in Maldives.

A collaboration between Insight Consultancy Service (ICS) and The Cleaning Quest, the 5 km Zero Plastic Run will be held in Hulhumale’ next Friday morning.

The marathon is scheduled to begin from the Hulhumale’ Central Park at 8 am. And participants have been asked to report to the park 30 minutes ahead of the starting time.

Participants of the marathon, unlike other such marathons, will be provided with a net bag and have been encouraged to pick up the litter they find along the way. Participants also have the option of both walking or running to complete the marathon.

The net bag, along with other essentials will be issued to participants from the ICS headquarters until 9 pm this Thursday.

Participants who complete the run will also be provided with a tote bag to discourage use of plastic bags.

President Solih is a regular at marathons and sporting events. He and his spouse, First Lady Fazna Ahmed, travelled to L. Atoll last weekend to participate in the TfG 5 km marathon, the Coca-Cola runinlaamu 2019.