Muizzu criticized EC holding logo inauguration

Former Prosecutor General, Ahmed Muizzu. (Sun file photo)

Former Prosecutor General, Ahmed Muizzu, has criticized the Elections Commission (EC) for holding a ceremony to inaugurate their logo and colour. 

Elections Commission inaugurated their logo and colour at a special ceremony held at Hotel Jen tonight where heads of political parties were in attendence. 

Criticizing the ceremony, the former Prosecutor General took to Twitter raising the question if EC is wasting funds by holding a large function to announce their logo and colour. 

Inside the inauguration ceremony of EC logo and color. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

EC has previously stated that there were challenges in organizing the parliament election in April due to an inefficient budget. 

While a budget of MVR 8 million was initially set for the parliament election before changing it to 9.2 million.