Man reported missing off the coast of R. Vandhoo

R. Vandhoo. (Photo/Mapsites)

Authorities have begun searching for a man who went missing after diving into the waters outside R. Vandhoo in search of sea cucumbers.

Maldives Police Service reports the boat the man was on reported him missing when he failed to surface after over two hours at 10:25 am this Wednesday.

MPS relayed the information to MNDF’s Coastguard at 10:30 am.

MNDF has identified the missing man as Abdulla Adam, 32, from Fehihiyaage, R. Dhuvaafaru.

Information officer at MNDF, Ibrahim Azim reports Abdulla Adam went missing when the boat “Ambara” was anchored to the west of Vandhoo – an island located near R. Rasmaadhoo.

The men on the boat started diving for sea cucumber at approximately 8:45 am.

MNDF Northern Area Coastguard Squadron and Coastguard divers have been mobilized for the search and rescue effort.