Koky, Mufa and Hanim appointed to FAM ExCo

Combined filed photos of Hussain Shafiu (Koky), Mohamed Hanim and Mufawiz Hashim (Mufa). (Photo/Maldives Football via Maziya, Eagles)

Former manager of the Maldivian national football team Mohamed Hanim, CEO of Maziya SC Hussain Shafiu (Koky) and General-Secretary of Club Eagles Mufawiz Hashim (Mufa) have been appointed to the Executive Committee of Football Association of Maldives (FAM).

The three new members were appointed during a FAM ExCo meeting held last week.

FAM’s bylaws allow new members to be appointed to replace those who resign through unanimous consensus of the ExCo. But the appointments need to be called to vote at the earliest general meeting.

The three appointments put the number of members at the FAM’s ExCo to nine.


  1. Bassam Adheel Jaleel, President
  2. Ahmed Shakib, Senior Vice President
  3. Aishath Nazima, Vice President
  4. Mohamed Ali
  5. Muaz Rasheed
  6. Mohamed Shifau
  7. Hussain Shafiu
  8. Mufawiz Hashim
  9. Mohamed Hanim

The three new members replace lawmakers; Thinadhoo MP Abdulla Ahmed, South Fuvahmulah MP Ali Shah, and Hanimaadhoo MP Hussain Shahudhy.

 The three lawmakers were dismissed following low attendance during the politicial turmoil of 2018 when they lived in self-exile abroad, reports FAM.