32 kilos of narcotics confiscated by Maldives Customs in 2018

Drug shipment intercepted by Maldives Customs in a previous operation. (Photo/Maldives Customs)

Maldives Customs says it confiscated narcotics in 83 operations it conducted in 2018.

The narcotics confiscated in the 83 cases weigh 32 kilos in total.

Maldives Customs cracked down on 11 drug trafficking attempts via air travel, 68 drug trafficking attempts via post, three drug trafficking attempts via air cargo and one drug trafficking attempt via sea.

The highest quantity of a single narcotic substance confiscated by Maldives Customs is cannabis. The agency confiscated 17 kilos of cannabis in 2018.

Maldives Customs expressed concern over the sharp rise in volume drug trafficking operations in Maldives in 2018.

The agency confiscated 24 kilos of narcotics in 25 operations in 2017.