Fayyaz’s warning: No one will be allowed unjust enrichment

Minister of Economic Development, Fayyaz Ismail. (File Photo)

No one will be allowed to receive unjust enrichment through Ministry of Economic Development, warns Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail.

In a tweet this Monday afternoon, Fayyaz warned he has a zero tolerance policy for unjust enrichment and will not allow anyone to receive any unjust enrichment through the Ministry of Economic Development.

“I inform everyone, there will be no room unjust enrichment to anyone as lost as I remain at the Economic Ministry. And inform you, I am the type of person who will respond with the same form of communication I am dealt with,” tweeted Fayyaz.

It is believed the comments were directed at Abdulla Jabir, Special Envoy to the President and Chairman of Yacht Tours.

Jabir made a series of tweets criticizing Fayyaz, who he said swore at his mother.

He tweeted that he “orders President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to dismiss Fayyaz immediately”.

Jabir wrote that President Solih has no choice but to dismiss Fayyaz because “the President came to power because of my money.”