EC: Ballot papers have been ‘shredded’

President of Elections Commission (EC), Ahmed Shareef speaks during a press conference. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Afrah)

The ballot papers used during the presidential elections on September 23 have all been shredded, says Elections Commission (EC).

Speaking during a press conference this Tuesday afternoon, President of EC, Ahmed Shareef said the commission has shredded all the ballot papers used in the election, and handed over the shredded ballots to the Fire and Rescue Department to be completely destroyed.

“We will burn the ballot papers under the guidance of Fire and Rescue Department sometime today or tomorrow,” said Shareef.

He said the commission was already due past the date the ballots should have been destroyed due to the case filed with the Supreme Court over the validity of the vote.

“Ballot papers and all other ballot paper-related information have now been shredded. This doesn’t mean all election-related paperwork have been destroyed,” said Shareef.

Regulations dictate the situation report on the election, voter’s registry and other election related documents be destroyed within a specific duration of time, noted Shareef.