Expat electrocuted on fishing boat

Fishing boats at Gaafu Alifu Gemanafushi.

An expatriate worker has died after getting electrocuted on board a fishing boat from Gaafu Alifu Gemanafushi. 

Vice President of the Gemanafushi Island Council, Abdulla Shiyan told Sun Media today that the incident took place last night. 

He said that the man was holding a light used to catch bait when he got electrocuted and since the vessel was near the island, they returned immediately. 

Gaafu Alifu Gemanafushi Health Center.

Shiyan said that the man died instantly after being electrocuted and local man who tried to help was also affected by electricity and is now being treated at the island's Heath Center. He said that the local man is not in critical condition. 

Police Media Official said that the expatriate man who died was a 34-year-old man from Bangladesh. And the body is now being transported to Male' City.