Umaru Naseer's passport frozen

Former Home Minister, Umaru Naseer. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Afrah)

State has withheld the passport of the former Home Minister, Umaru Naseer, who has announced that he would be an independent candidate at the upcoming Presidential Election. 

Some media outlets have reported that his passport was held under a court order from the Civil Court regarding a debt. 

On his public Viber Group, Umaru Naseer said that he is unaware that his passport has been "freezed" and there aren't any cases in any court which he's involved in. Umaru said that he has not been summoned to any court and he doesn't have a share in any company. He said that he would clear up what is happening from the court, tomorrow. 

While his passport has been withheld, Umaru Naseer has announced his intention to run in the Presidential Election and started announcing his policies. However, if the has a clear debt, it would disqualify him from being a Presidential candidate.