Husnu Suood to Supreme Court regarding EC decisions

Former Attorney General, Husnu Suood. (Sun file photo/Mohamed Afrah)

Former Attorney General, Husnu Suood, has decided to file a case at the Supreme Court regarding the decisions made by the Elections Commission (EC). 

The decision in question is the EC decision to put ballot boxes in seven resorts. The oppositions have openly criticized the decision. 

Talking to Sun Media regarding the EC decision, Husnu Sood, said that the decision was made in way that impedes on the rights of the resort employees. 

Noting that ballot boxes were placed in 56 resorts in the 2013 election, Suood said that it is the same conditions now and if nothing has changed, the same should apply in this election as well. 

And regarding the EC decision to have people with physical disabilities accompanied by an EC official, Suood said that even people with disabilities reserves the right to vote for the people they trust independently. 

Elections Commission said that the changes to the regulation was made without any influence and allow them to vote for anyone they want. And the amendment was brought after researching the regulations in the major elections in other countries.