JSC nominates Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi for Chief Justice

Supreme Court Judge, Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi.

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has decided to nominate the Supreme Court Judge, Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi as a recommendation to be appointed as the Chief Justice by the President Abullda Yameen Abdul Gayoom. 

The statement issued by the JSC said that they recommend Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi for the currently vacant position of Chief Justice. 

At a meeting today, the JSC also decided to bring up High Court Judges, Abdulla Didi and Abdul Ghanee Mohamed for the vacant positions in the Supreme Court bench and recommended the change to the President. 

High Court Judge, Abdulla Didi. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Afrah)

The Supreme Court has two vacant positions after the Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and Judge Ali Hameed were found guilty of the crime of influencing official procedures and accepting bribes. 

Judge Abdul Ghanee Mohamed. (Photo/High Court)

Under the recently amended Law of Judges, a judge would lose their position from the moment the Supreme Court decides they are guilty. 

Abdulla Saeed was sentenced to four months and 24 days in prison by Criminal Court on May 8; after the court found him guilty of obstruction of the State for ordering the suspension of GEMS at the Supreme Court on February 4 and February 5.