MTCC: Dhambidhoo harbor project halted due to obstruction

Laamu Atoll Dhambidhoo, Maldives.

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has said that the development of the Laamu Atoll Dhambidhoo harbor contracted to them has been halted because a group of people from the island are obstructing the work. 

MTCC began the project four years ago and have completed the harbor to a usable state. The project also include road development in the area and installing lamps as well. 

Project Manager at MTCC, the Retired Commissioner of Prisons, Mohamed Husham said that the remaining work is the completion of the outer sea wall. 

Husham said that when the project initially began, a group of people requested to expand the harbor and the request was granted with through funding from the company's CSR budget. 

The project is now being obstructed by a group people who are unhappy with the direction of the port entry. Regarding this issue, Husham said that the port entry way was made after special surveys and under the instructions of capable people. 

A man who spoke from Dhambidhoo told Sun Media today that MTCC is working on the harbor very well and they consulted the Island Council and the people before the project began and got their thoughts as well and a group of people have come out to directly obstruct the completion of the project. 

He said that it was an effort led by the oppositions and the majority of the island's people want the harbor complete. 

While the outer wall completion is required, the port will also be made much deeper. 

The project is worth MVR 32 million.