JP sidelines MDP in shadow cabinet

JP Leader Qasim Ibrahim. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Ahead of the upcoming Presidential Election, Jumhoory Party (JP) has announced a shadow cabinet that excludes the biggest opposition party, MDP. 

JP Leader, Qasim Ibrahim announced his shadow cabinet today through Facebook Live. 

While no position in the JP shadow cabinet was given to MDP, the only other members outside of JP are from Adhaalath Party and supporters of the former President, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. 


JP Shadow Cabinet: 

  1. President: Qasim Ibrahim 
  2. Vice President: Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed 
  3. Foreign Minister: Dunya Maumoon 
  4. Finance Minister: Dr. Muhmood Shauqee 
  5. Defence Minister: Ali Waheed 
  6. Home Minister: Abdulla Riyaz 
  7. Tourism Minister: Colonel-retired Mohamed Nazim 
  8. Housing and Environment Minister: Sheikh Imran Abdulla 
  9. Arts and Culture Minister: Yumna Maumoon 
  10. Planning and Communication Minister: Dr. Abdulla Mausoom 
  11. Economic Minister: Mohamed Rasheed 
  12. Attorney General: Noorusalam Abubakr 
  13. Islamic Minister: Ali Zahir 
  14. Education Minister: Dr. Asim Ahmed 
  15. Higher Education Minister: Dr. Ahmed Iyaz 
  16. Health Minister: Dr. Shah Maahir 
  17. Gender Minister: Sidhaatha Shareef
  18. Youth Minister: Mohamed Maleeh Jamal 
  19. Transport Minister: Ameen Ibrahim 
  20. Fisheries and Agriculture Minister: Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan 
  21. Human Resources and Labor Minister: Abdulla Kamaaluddeen
  22. Environment and Energy Minister: Mohamed Fayaz 


The shadow cabinet based on 20 institutes announced by Qasim is a more top-heavy cabinet than the existing 15 member cabinet of President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom. 

In his address today, the JP Leader said that he would nominate the MP for Dhiggaru constituency, Ahmed Faaris Maumoon for President of the Parliament and the MP for Kendhoo constituency, Ali Hussain will be nominated as his Deputy. 

Qasim said that his cabinet is based on those he believes would work with him.