EC: Stop speculating, submit complaints to Voters List

Elections Commission members pictured during a press conference. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Afrah)

Elections Commission has urged all parties to avoid speculating and spreading rumors regarding the upcoming Presidential Elections which could create distress and distrust within the public and instead, submit complaints to the Voters List.

Speaking to “Sun”, elections commissioner, the spokesperson at EC, Ahmed Akram noted the heated talk on social media regarding the announcement of the result of the upcoming election.

Akram provided assurance the election result will be announced as prescribed by law. He said nothing election-relation will be conducted unlawfully.

Akram also addressed concern by some parties over inclusion of deceased parties in the Voters List.

He said the whole purpose of publishing the Voters List in the Government Gazette and opening the list for complaints was to address and rectify such mistakes.

“Political parties and the general public have the right to amend issues with the Voters List. We strongly urged all parties to check the list. And after checking, if you find any issues, submit complaint as per normal procedure. Do this without delay,” said Akram.

Some political party activists have expressed doubt over the authenticity of the result of the upcoming Presidential Election.

The EC, meanwhile, has provided assurance the commission will take no action which could affect the independence of the vote.