EC to update parties on election

Inside the press conference by the Elections Commission on 4 April 2018 - Sun Photo: Mohamed Afrah

Elections Commission (EC) has decided to meet with the political parties in the country and share information regarding the upcoming Presidential Election. 

Member of the EC, Ahmed Akram told Sun Media that all the political parties in the country has now been invited to the meetings where two members from the parliamentary group and two members from the upper management of the party can join. 

Akram said that the first meeting set for 10 a.m. tomorrow would focus on discussing the monitoring and regulating political parties. And at the meeting, information on the election would be given as well. 

He said that EC has always received support from the political parties in their effort to hold a free, fair election and is assured that the same support will be given fro the Presidential Election this year. 

EC Member, Akram, said that they are currently doing admin work for the election and the voter's list will be announced next month and in re-registrations will be opened in June along with the opportunity for monitors and observers.