Teachers asked to complete tablet training course

Inside celebrations of Teacher's Day 2017 at a school in Male' City - Sun file photo: Mohamed Afrah

Before the use of tablets begin in the classrooms, the Ministry of Education has asked all the teachers to complete the training course for the use of tablets. 

In a message sent to the schools, the Education Ministry said that it is compulsory for all teachers to complete two courses under Google for Education as the preparations are under way to start using tablets in the schools. 

While the Ministry ordered the teachers to complete the Level 1 course before 22 March, Level 2 courses are ordered to be completed before the end of April. 

The Ministry also asked the schools to arrange time in the mid-term break for teachers to complete the courses for the teachers who failed to do the Level 1 course before the deadline. 

Education Ministry advised schools to make it compulsory to attend school during the mid-term break for the teachers who does not complete the course. 

State Minister at the Education Ministry, Ahmed Shafeeu told Sun Media that more training programs will be set in the future to accustom teachers to the use of tablets. 

Under major Educational reform, the second term of the Academic Year is set to beign with the schools providing a tablet for every student.