Ambassador: Need to rebuild trust with India

Maldivian Ambassador to India, Ahmed Mohamed

The Maldivian Ambassador to India, Ahmed Mohamed, has said that the trust between Maldives and India has diminished and that trust needs to be rebuilt anew. 
In an interview with Press Trust India (PTI), Ambassador Ahmed Mohamed said that there was a lot of issues between India and the Maldives and the confidence between the two were strained due to a lack of credible discussions. 
He said that despite the strain on the relationship between the two countries, the trust between the two must be rebuilt anew and let the past be the past. 
Fisheries Minister, Dr. Mohamed Shainee spoke to Indian journalists this past week saying that India does not have to come into the civil issues of the Maldives and noted that the Maldives does not go into the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan. 
The Maldivian Ambassador told PTI said a third party getting involved in the Kashmir issue is not something the Maldives would accept. 
"We always want to see Pakistan and India find a solution to the Kashmir issue through discussions." Ambassador Ahmed Mohamed said. 
Indicating to India's response to the extension of the State of Emergency in the Maldives, the Maldivian Ambassador said that India's actions were not the best suited for the situation.