Police: A group of people are planning violence and arson in Male'

Spokesperson of the Police, Superintendent Ahmed Shifan - Sun Photo: Fayaz Moosa

Maldives Police Service has said that they have uncovered a conspiracy to create unrest in the capital, Male' City and set fire to some locations. 

Police Spokesperson, Superintendent Ahmed Shifan, said that a special operation is underway and four people have been arrested so far. He said that the four people who have been arrested are involved in paying different people to set fires and create unrest in the city tonight and tomorrow. 

Superintendent Shifan said that the four people arrested are leading MDP activists Hassan Ahmed (Raa atoll Alifushi), Ilyas Labeeb (Seenu Hulhudhoo) along with Ahmed Shaahid and Hussain Il'ham from Male' City. 

Police Spokesperson said that more people are being sought in connection to the attempt to create unrest and the police would not allow anything that threatens the peace in the city. 

Shifan said that they have received tremendous support during the opposition rallies in the past  two nights and hope to continue the support in the future.