Welcome 2018 in Style!
A Guide for Him and Her


A fresh new year is right around the corner and whilst you are eagerly jotting down New Year resolutions (as fervently as last year!) it feels only fitting to embrace it with impeccable style.

 Would you be sitting at your work desk on the 31st of December or have you swapped the wintery snow for a tropical paradise? Whichever it is, taking out your best outfit on New Year’s Eve is a must!


When it comes to party dressing, the key is to find something that looks and feels good on you - it really is not rocket science! Women have an endless variety of styles and silhouettes to choose from. Nevertheless, do not underestimate the modern man who has his fair share of style options today. We have round-up styles and trends from which you could take cues to help make it a memorable and fabulous New Year’s Eve.



For Him

Suit up!

The holiday season is never complete without an event that calls for formal attire. And a great suit is an essential in every man’s wardrobe. It makes you feel good, sophisticated and sharp, but to achieve it you must make sure it is tailored to fit you perfectly. An ill-fitting one can just as easily make you look shabby and inelegant. Go for a neutral palette of navy blues, charcoals or the classic black.


Say yes to velvet

The one trend that works for both men and women - velvet is the ideal element if you want to amplify a simple look. For men though, it is best to use it in a complementary manner. Accessorize a minimal look with a velvet slide-in shoe or pair an outfit with a velvet blazer to jazz it up for a New Year countdown party.


Go Bold with color

If you are the kind of guy who does not shy away from risk then this is your ideal playground. Add color to a look with smart precision - avoid using too many colors. Throw a single bright piece (like a jacket or blazer with patterns) over an otherwise low-key outfit like a pair of black jeans and t-shirt to give a sophisticated look.

For Her


All that glitters!

The festive season calls for everything shiny and glittery. With brands like Christopher Kane, Dior, Pucci and their dazzling dresses the fashion world is making us itch to splurge on anything that is sequined or metallic. New Year’s Eve is the best time to bring out the bling but make sure you keep everything else minimal. If you are wearing a long metallic gown, then tone down on accessories, make-up and hair. Dainty necklaces or a leather clutch pairs well and keep make-up neutral with simple hairstyles


A Velvet Affair

It is really hard to avoid velvet this year. From the runway to popular fast fashion brands, velvet is seen literally everywhere. And no other fabric elicits that festive glamour than velvet. Try a wrap dress in the fabric with strapped metallic heels to bring that modern and effortless look. A two-piece suit in deep red velvet (like that from Stella McCartney) is an elegant way to transition from office meetings to New Year’s Eve cocktails. 


Level Up With Statement Pieces

Not all of us have the time to dress up or if you are a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl then statement jewelry, bags or shoes are an interesting way to make even the most low-key outfit look dressed up. The supersize earring is back in vogue and you could either wear it on both ears or go edgy by adorning one year with a standout piece. Who says you can’t wear jeans to a party? Let’s change the rules and pair a more festive piece with denims: Go for metallic boots like that of Sam Edelman and you will turn heads.