Solih: MDP will pass a legislature that ensures job security for employees in SOEs

Former Maldivian president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih addresses a MDP campaign rally in Th. Thimarafushi on April 14, 2024. (Photo/MDP)

Former president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, a prominent figure in main opposition MDP’s leadership, states the party will formulate a bill that guarantees job security for employees working in state-owned enterprises and ensure its passage to law if the party wins the majority in the upcoming parliamentary election.

Speaking at a campaign event of MDP’s candidate contesting for Th. Thimarafushi constituency in the election – Solih said scary days can be expected ahead if the incumbent administration wins the parliament majority. He added that this was also being witnessed at present while accusing the current administration of threatening many employees with their jobs in conjunction with the election.

“115 employees were dismissed from Isdhoo alone, which we visited today. 115 families have been left out on the streets because they do not support the government,” he said.

Solih also revealed that MDP’s candidate for South Maafannu constituency Hassan Iyad (Iyade) has been suspended from his post at Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

“I have not seen a suspension like this ever. It states he is suspended from 14th (April) till the end of the election, until 24th (April),” he detailed.

Solih, who also served as a parliamentarian for multiple years, accused former president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom’s administration of trying to block the passage of the Civil Service Act which ensures safety for civil servants.

“The Act when sent for ratification, after passage through much difficulties, was sent back. The Attorney General had strongly advised against it back then, citing the government would be disempowered,” he said.

Underscoring the subsequent passage of the bill for a second time has guaranteed legal protection for all civil servants, he expressed his wishes to ensure the same protection for employees in state-owned companies.

Henceforth, he stressed the need for MDP to undertake all efforts necessary to ensure they win the parliament majority.